How can I change the default coordinate system from Y-up to Z-up?


I have a real UR3 robot.
As you know, its base coordinate system is Z-up, which the z-axis is in the upside direction (orthogonal to the earth).

I ported UR3 URDF to my isaacgym simulator and tried to sync the coordinate system with the real one,
but I couldn’t because the default coordinate system of isaacgym is Y-up system which the y-axis is in the upside direction, and I couldn’t find any build-in method to change the coordinate system.

I was able to get the aligned coordinates by multiplying a virtual quaternion, but it is a kind of some tricks that the probability of any mistakes can be increased.

Any other good method for that?

Sorry guys, I found the method right after writing this question! ^^;

When you create the isaacgym simulator, just add the following parameter:

sim_params.up_axis = gymapi.UpAxis.UP_AXIS_Z