How can I compile a 32bit project under 64bit Linux?

My system: AMD64, FC4 64bit Linux, PGI WorkStation 6.0.6, I used pgf77 to compile my project under the 64bit Linux.I can got a 64 bit program very well. But now, I want to make a 32bit program, I added the “-tp k8-32” behind pgf77, and I got a exe file well. But I can’t run it. it show the message “Permission denied”, whether I added a error flag?

Hi HuPo,

What are the permission settings on the exe your created? (i.e. “ls -l a.out” where a.out is the name of your exe). Does changing them to allow execution help? (“chmod 755 a.out”)

If you do have execute permissions on the exe, make sure you also have execute permission in the directory and that any dynamic runtime libraries also have execute permission. To find which runtime libraries are being used, use the command “ldd a.out”.

Hope this helps,