32-bit on 64-bit OS?

I have Fedora Core installed on an AMD Athlon 64 X2 machine, and installed a trial version of the 64-bit version PGI compilers. During installation, I got a message that said “Note: This linux installation does not appear to support 32-bit compilation.” Then, when I try to use -tp k8-32, it does not work.

Should the k8-32 work on a 64-bit Fedora core machine? Or have I just missed something very basic?


Hi taddison,

The install message is given when a 64-bit OS does not have 32-bit compatability libraries installed. The 32-bit compilers won’t work correctly without these libraries, so we’re not installed. In order to run the 32-bit compilers, you’ll need install the glibc 32-bit development RPMs and then re-install the compilers. Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact RPM package(s) name, but look for ‘glibc-devel[version].i386.rpm’ or something similar.

Hope this helps,