How can I connect multiple computers working on different programs through omniverse

I am working in a startup company and I recently saw how powerful Nvidia Omniverse is. So I can connect different DCC applications in my computer and see the results in Omniverse Create. But how can I do the same with Multiple computers in a way where one system is working on Maya, Other on Substance and another on Unreal Engine.

Hello @anurag1! Welcome to the Community! Best of luck and good fortune to you with your new company! :D

It sounds like you need more information about our core Omniverse service, Nucleus. Nucleus allows a variety of Omniverse-enabled client applications ( Apps, Connectors, and others) to share and modify authoritative representations of virtual worlds.

Ultimately, Nucleus sits on a network somewhere, with clients connected to it, sharing the same authoritative world state.

Nucleus allows live syncing. This is a publish/subscribe model, where multiple Clients connected to it in such a manner that once one of those Clients submits a change ( publishes it), every other Client ( subscriber ) will immediately receive that change.

( For more detailed info, check out our Nucleus documentation: Introduction — Omniverse Nucleus documentation )

Here is our Nucleus Workstation Installation & Setup Guide: Workstation — Omniverse Deployment Servers documentation

Some helpful videos:

I hope this points you in the right direction. Please let me know if you need more help!