How can I install Nvdia Driver in Fedora 20??

I have a graphics card GeForce NVDIA GTX 760. I have installed fedora 20. But i can’t install the driver of NVDIA. I don’t know how to exit X Server. I have tried using the command “init 3”. Then in konsole mode i tried “./Nvdia-Linux_x86_64*.run” … Then they tell me to blacklist Nouveau Driver. The installation made the blacklist for me. I reboot the PC. and give it another try. but something enables the drivers even if the “/etc/modprobe.d/nvidia-installer-disable-nouveau.conf” exsisted… i fedora 20 but no use… Please help…

You should ask for help in Fedora forums, Users mail list and/or IRC channel on Freenode.
Still to install NVIDIA driver you need to:

  1. Get current release version (331.38).
  2. To stop X server use systemctl stop gdm (gdm should be default for Fedora 20).
  3. After the driver instructs you to reboot for the nouveau blacklist, when you get the bootloader (GRUB) prompt to boot into Fedora press E to edit the line, scroll down to the linux line, where the kernel is loaded, go the line end and add a 3 to it.
    Then press F10 to continue booting and start Fedora and you should get to “init 3” mode.
  4. cd to where you saved the driver.
  5. Run the install again, answer the questions asked, after it completes you need to reboot the pc again and let it start Fedora.
  6. NVIDIA driver should be installed and working.

PS: This is from the top of my head, and a general approach to installing the binary driver. You might need to adapt to Fedora distro specifics and or other things.


If you don’t want to dive into stopping X, disabling nouveau, reinstalling after a kernel change etc. you could use rpmfusion’s xorg-x11-drv-nvidia package (you have to add sources first). It’s the most user friendly way.