How Can I turn off > Snap Widget UI?

The snap widget follows me through every click and every interaction, yet I rarely need it. How can I turn it off so it doesn’t clutter my screen nor my visual focus?
Thanks for your help. Viva OV!


If you click on the small grey arrow it should collapse that menu

Thank you so much for the detailed reply. I understand, or believe that the snapping menu was added to help onboard users to this functionality because switching between global and local axis by double pressing ‘w’, ‘e’, ‘r’ on the keyboard may not be easily intuited.
Similarly, in Maya, we can manipulate the pivot of an object by pressing the ‘insert’ key. It is a great function, but it requires knowing someone who knows this, or reading the manual.
Modo came out around ~ 2013 (?) and someone once asked the CEO Brad Peebler what the hardest part of being CEO was. He replied,
“Not creating a button for every problem. Because as engineers, in charge of our own software platform, we can do that.”
Instead, his lead tool designer had to convince him to implement tools that could be used in combination with each other to achieve a variety of results. As opposed to designing individual buttons.
It is my hope that we can steer Omniverse down this same path and not clutter up the UI. I think the best UI’s are the one’s we don’t look at. How many great programmers spend time looking at their keyboard? Baseball players don’t stare at their bat while at the plate. We don’t drive by staring at our steering wheel. We look through the UI right? To the target of the action. So in this case, I want to be able to remove even the grey arrow from the viewport.
It occupies the viewport around 100% of the time? But I need it about 4% of the time. And even less after I learn the keyboard shortcuts.
In the early days of Google, a user would send the dev team an email with a number. No one could figure out what it was.
“Why is this guy sending us a number?”
There was never any explanation attached. The number sent at seemingly random and infrequent intervals. But the team plotted it and they noticed it always went up. Finally someone figured out that it was the count of the number of words on the home page. From then on they tried to keep the number consistently low.
In these early growth stages, Omniverse could become like Microsoft, a platform so dominate that everyone has to use them sooner or later.
Or we could become like Apple, whose product’s love is earned through design and thoughtful consideration of user’s experiences, current and future. Though my programming friend disagrees with the Microsoft characterization.
Microsoft - ‘Have to’,
Apple - ‘Love to’.
Omniverse - ‘Love to’ ?

Hope this makes some sense as to why one would want to eliminate the ‘>’ completely.