How could we set TX2 wifi work on 5.8GHz frequency band?

Hi ,

As our product will work outdoors in China, and then the frequency band will be restricted on 5.8GHz, the channel should be 149,151,153,157,159,161,165. How could we change the channel setting for TX2 wifi ? Thanks

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

Yes, could the frequency be changed to 5.8G band ? or disable 5G wifi directly. Because 5.1G is not allowed. Thanks

sudo iwconfig wlo1 freq 5.8G

Even this command, I’m wondered if TX2 covers 5.8GHz.
Cause TX1_TX2_OEM_Wireless_Compliances does not have 5.8GHz info.

It cann’t be changed. If you would like to working with 5.8G in china, I would suggest other wifi module dedicated for china region.

Got it. Thanks a lot

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