How do I run omniverse on a100?

I’m ashamed to ask you a question because no one told me about it, maybe it’s too basic.

We have A100 workstations with ubuntu 18.04 LTS installed. I want to use omniverse ISAAC SIM on a100.

However, the A100 does not have its own DISPLAY, so I tried to run it with VNC or X-window, but the default speed is also slow due to the "failed to execute default web browser.

Others seem to be using omniverse well through A100.

  1. Are you installing the UBUNTU DESKTOP version on the A100? Even if that’s not the case, I’m curious about how everyone sets it up.

  2. Or, for ISAAC Live Stream, I would like to ask if you have a .run or .deb file to install on the A100. We could only find files in AppImage format.

<live stream error (maybe it’s because I didn’t run any ISAAC SIM APP)>

Thank you