How Jetson Tx2 get into Deep sleep mode?

How Jetson Tx2 get into Deep sleep mode?

You may try this.

Hi Honey:
It is seem sleep,not Deep sleep. I want to know how Jetson Tx2 get into sleep and Deep sleep respectively.

Please refer to the L4T document TX2/TX2i power management.

• Off: There is only one way for a system to be off.
• SC7 minimally flexible Deep Sleep (SC7) offers a small amount of configurability. For example, prior to entering Deep Sleep, software can select which of the many hardware wake events can wake the chip from Deep Sleep.

and the method to enter SC7 is “echo mem > /sys/power/state”

Hi WayneWWW:
Thanks for your reply.
Can you offer "L4T document TX2/TX2i power management"related documents for me ,I am not find documents.

L4T document is on the download center.

Hi WayneWWW:
Can you give me a network link,too many documents, I am not sure which documents is my need.