How smoothen out polygon edges in 3D plant asset and add a breeze of wind with ForceFieldWind?

I imported some of .objx and .fbx formatted files into Omniverse and everything went well converting into USD.

My question is that the assets are not as photorealistic as I expected (90-95% there i guess) and first of all I’d like to “smoothen out” some of the clearly visible polygon edges from the surface of a plant:

How could I do this?

Additionally please help me to find any materials to learn about applying ForceWindField to an object: In this use case simply that a small breeze of wind would move the plants a bit, realistically. Yes, there is a ForceFieldWind but seeing a bunch of boxes dragged along a surface in a demo doesn’t really help me with this use case :) I want the plant assets to stand still while the leaves would move just a bit in indoor conditions.

This is a customer use case, so hoping I can get this answered anytime soon. Thanks! :)

Hello @eljailari.suhonen! When you imported your assets, did you have the Generate Smooth Normals option checked in the Asset Importer? This option will assign/reasssign your smoothing groups.

For the wind blowing physics, check out our Particle Cloth Physics.

Here is a demo where the wind is blowing the cloth of a deck chair.
Create > Window > Simulation > Demo Scenes > Particles > Cloth Deck Chair

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Dear Wendy, thanks a lot <3 Now it looks amazing! Also enabling Sampled Direct Lightning made the reflection of the light look much better. Particle System stuff seems complex and takes time to dig deep into, have to take some time to learn it to understand it beyond just cubes and spheres :D

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