SketchUp Pro to Omniverse Create via Connector results in Triangulated/non-smooth normals


Did a test export from SKP 2021 to Omniverse create via the connector in USD format. The output seems to not remember the smooth normals for curve surface in SKP, anyway to fix this so that we do not have to bring this model to other DCC to fix the smoothing ? Thank You.

Hi @DavidDPD! I will reach out to the SketchUp team and post back here when I have more information!

Hi @DavidDPD, we are testing a fix for this problem. I expect it to ship later by next week (week of Feb 6th).



Any updates on this fix ?

We had an internal delay unrelated to SketchUp. It’s in our final QA checks to be released soon. You’ll see a 107.1.536 (or later) with the fix on the launcher soon.

I apologize for the delay.



Hi, uploading a SKP 2021 file which contain 2 objects with textures applied. When exported to omniverse create using the SKP connector, the bottle object does not seems to translate over in look even though the texture file is link, its just all black glass without any resemblance of textures(I taken this SKP file imported into 3dsmax and then export to omniverse via the 3dsmax connector and it is ok). The smooth normal is also an issue but I guess that will be corrected with the release of this coming update.
TestOmniverseexport.skp (5.1 MB)

Hi @bharrison ,

Installed and try SKP connector 108.1.552, did a simple test and seems like smoothing group issue is still there.
Attaching the SKP file(SKP V.2021) and screenshot in Omniverse create 2011.1.2. Thank you.

Normal smoothing.skp (345.5 KB)