Normal maps are broken since UMM updated to v2

Hello. I’m having normal map issues when importing assets from Blender via the Omniverse UMMv2 addon, but it looks correct in Composer.

It used to work fine with UMMv1.

I’ve tried flipping the normal map and even converting it (OpenGL → DirectX) with chaiNNer but nothing seems to fix it.



UE 5.3

Hi Im_Ninooo,
could you please upload a sample so that we can file a bug and trace it?

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I’ve filed the internal bug [ [OM-112888]

Good news. I’ve repro your issue. And it has been fixed in the early of this month. It should be good in the next release

It should be good in the next release

awesome news! thank you very much!

could you please upload a sample so that we can file a bug and trace it?

sorry, I’ve been quite busy this week. do you still need it?

No, I don’t need the sample now. Thanks

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@JulianCao are you able to give me an estimate on when the next version is going to be released?

@Im_Ninooo our typical update cadence is every two to three months. I would expect that in November or December we’ll have an update that includes this fix. In the mean time we’ll see if a quick code patch for you would work. Can you build the Omniverse Plugins yourself with Visual Studio if we give you a git patch?

I’m willing to give it a try :) (1.6 KB)

Here’s the patch. You’ll get a patch file after unzipping.
If you’ve installed a git tool, such as TortoiseGit, open the path file and select “Apply Patch”

Then you can build the unreal connect yourself.

Thanks! Where can I find the source code though?

It’s been already in your unreal connect plugin folder

ohh, okay. will give it a try in a few hours. thank you!

I found the source code but no .sln/project file so I have no idea how to compile it. Is there no way to provide me with a development build for the time being?

Or maybe instructions on how to compile it.

Hi Im_Ninooo, we just offered the source of connect plugin. You need to download unreal engine source from Github and put the connect plugin source into Engine\Plugins, then generate sln and compile.

oh, so I need to compile UE5 entirely, not just the plugin? well that sucks. but I don’t want to wait potentially 2 months so I guess I don’t have another option.

change of plans. I don’t have nowhere near enough storage to compile it. I give up.

hello. we’re near the end of the year and the patch has not yet been released. are there no plans to release it before 2024?