How to change booting order


I want to change booting order of jetson nano(p3448) of R32.4.4… for that I need to do changes in u-boot souce.
Here I am not getting, in which file I should do changes for this. Can you help me to understand u-boot source code ?


Uboot source also provided in the R32.4.4 L4T webstie: L4T R32.4.4 archive | NVIDIA Developer
You can search uboot.bin under your BSP/bootloader.

Hello kayccc

Thanks for your quick reply,

yes, I get u-boot.bin under BSP/Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/t210ref/p3450-porg/u-boot.bin.
In that how can I make boot order changes in bin file and in which file we can do changes for this.

You can refer to NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide : Bootloader | NVIDIA Docs

But the R32.4.4 might not get boot sequence funciton ready at that moment, suggest to move no the R32.7.1 for better support.

Modify p3450-0000.h under your uboot source file. There is a boot target devices list.

I tried to find p3450-0000.h file under bootloader. but there is not any file except p3450-porg directory under which u-boot.bin is present as shown in below image.


As the second reply in this thread. You need to download source code separately.

What you just shared is already the BSP folder, which has no source code.

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