How to modify U-Boot source code to change boot order of TX2-NX?

Hi, everyone,
I want to change the booting order of tx2-nx by modifying uboot code, and I refer to the nVIDIA official website. There is a step ask me to modify include/config_distro_bootcmd.h, but didn’t tell what contents need to be modified in the file, can someone tell me how to modify that? THANKS!

Modify include/configs/tegra‑common‑post.h instead of the file you are using now.

@WayneWWW Thanks for your reply,

I have modified the boot order in include/configs/tegra-common-post.h to make USB and SSD boot prior than emmc. The following is the order I modified:

#define BOOT_TARGET_DEVICES(func) \
	func(USB, usb, 0) \
	func(NVME, nvme, 0)\
	func(MMC, mmc, 0) \
	func(MMC, mmc, 1) \
	func(PXE, pxe, na) \
	func(DHCP, dhcp, na)

However, after I rebuild the uboot.bin file and reflash module, the emmc still booted first instead of USB. Did I miss any steps that should be done?

I got to the same place as @user42496 and I’m seeing this will attempting boot (output from serial console):

starting USB...
No working controllers found

That led me to the following post from 5+ years ago: usb in uboot of Jetson Tx2 has no controllers

Is it still true that “USB is not supported in U-Boot on T186.”? and if so, is there a plan to support this in the future?

Unfortunately, it is still true. As you cn see there is no T186 platform listed on this.


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