How to change the settings in Isaac Sim to reduce resource consumption

I am able to run Isaac Sim on my laptop but the problem is that whenever I run it, the fans on my machine create such a loud sound that it feels like I am standing next to a fighter jet. So, how can I minimize the resource consumption (GPU, CPU, RAM etc.) in Isaac Sim while changing as few settings as possible?

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To reduce CPU and GPU usage, under the Edit -> Preferences tab in the Throttle Rendering section you can increase the Yield 'ms' while... settings to decrease the GPU load. Or decrease the UI FPS limit to reduce the max FPS.

RAM usage is something we are working on for the next release.

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Thank you for the reply. I changed these settings and the resolution of the rendering to 512x512. However, I think that due to some reason, the software still puts a lot of load on the system. Will making changes to the “Render settings” on the right side help somehow?

Update: Seems like when I run Isaac Sim while charging my laptop, the fan speed and CPU, GPU temperatures are higher but when I run Isaac Sim while the laptop is on battery, all three are considerably low. So, I guess the issue is probably more on the system side. But while running Blender, I face no such issues.