how to cleanly remove

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I installed driver version 195.36.24 via rpm. However previously I did an install using Now everytime I run my application, I got this message;

“the NVIDIA kernel module has version 195.36.24, but this NVIDIA driver component has version 195.36.15”

How can I get rid of all 195.36.15’s driver? Also, using 195.36.24 shouldn’t have any problems with CUDA, right?


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Sorry everyone, it was easy enough to solve this. Just that the “how” only came to me after I pushed the “submit” button for the topic.

Worst case, run updatedb, and then locate 195.36.15 which will list all the files installed by dev_driver_195.36.15. Then manually remove them.


Or just keep it simple and use the the --uninstall flag: --uninstall

Take a good look at the advanced options via the “-A” flag or for the less advanced ones too see --help

Note I’m assuming here you still had the old file, I suppose you could

get it again to use the uninstaller as above.