How to compile custom schema to be compatible with Omniverse's USDView

Hi all,

I’m following this USD tutorial to create my custom schema and now I’ve got some C++ files generated by “usdGenSchema” command. Of course the next step is to compile these C++ files to build .dll and .lib files. But I’m stuck in the situation that I don’t know how to properly compile these files if I want my custom schema could be recognized by Omniverse’s USDView (version 0.22.8 on windows platform). Is it possbile to give me some more details about this issue ? Thanks.

Hi @Yu_Chen. I think you can modify the library paths in the CMake files to match your USDView installation, but it might be easier to just work from the clone of the USD repo: GitHub - PixarAnimationStudios/USD: Universal Scene Description

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