How to config dpaux0 to I2C6 in TX1 R28.2

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How to config dpaux0 to I2C6 in TX1 R28.2?

Please reference to below link.

Also have a look into this topic even it’s for TX2

Hi ShaneCCC

I read DPAUX_HYBRID_PADCTL_0 & DPAUX_HYBRID_SPARE_0 registers use devmem but read timeout, what are both register address? DPAUX_HYBRID_SPARE_0_ADDR = 0x545c0134, DPAUX_HYBRID_PADCTL_0_ADDR = 0x545c0124. are they correct?

The address are correct. Use this to try. Rename it as reg and change mode for executable.
reg.txt (2.57 MB)

Hi ShaneCCC,

I use your tool and read DPAUX_HYBRID_SPARE_0 and DPAUX_HYBRID_PADCTL_0 registers also timeout and I read /sys/kernel/debug/clk/dpaux/clk_state is 0, then I set /sys/kernel/debug/clk/dpaux/clk_state 1,I can read DPAUX_HYBRID_SPARE_0 and DPAUX_HYBRID_PADCTL_0 registers. I think the dpaux is not work, How can I enable dpaux?