How to config TX2 PCIE lanes

Hi erveryone,
I use TX2 I want to config 1x1+1x4 PCIE , 0 USB3.0, 1 STAT, how to modify? Thanks.

Please refer to the “JETSON TX2 PLATFORM ADAPTATION AND BRING-UP GUIDE” document and refer to Table-2 for the info.
In a nutshell, ODMDATA 0x90000 should be used to enable Config-1.

Thank you for your reply, how can I verify the ODMDATA is modifed by 0x90000 when I login linux system?

I don’t think it can be verified from the Linux shell. Just take a careful look at the host log during the flash and we should be able to find out the actual ODM data being used.


You can check the path.