How to control the Revolut Joint closed

I’m using Isaac sim to make a robotic arm, but I’m having a small problem, when I use Franka or other robotic arms (parallel fixtures), the fixtures don’t have a problem when they are closed.

But when I import URDF and the fixture is “Revolut Joint”, there is a problem when it closes. When touching objects, there are some strange phenomena, and I uploaded pictures. It seems that when it comes into contact with an object, the clamp keeps trying to close. It is not that the object is clamped and then stopped.

I want to know how to clamp an object and stop when I touch it. Even though I used “ContactSensor” it still didn’t work.

My control fixture code is

gripper_positions = my_denso.gripper.get_joint_positions()
my_denso.gripper.apply_action(ArticulationAction(joint_positions=[gripper_positions[0] - 0.001, gripper_positions[1] - 0.001]))

I don’t know if there’s a better way to control this problem

What is the mistake that I don’t know? Would love to help.