How to Create a Custom Replicator Function for Changing Camera Position


I’m currently experimenting with replicator in Omniverse and would like to randomize the camera position such that it is always on the surface of a sphere with a specified radius.

I have a function that calculates that point:

def get_point_on_hemisphere(radius, azimuth_deg=None, polar_deg=None):
    # azimut is horizontal
    # polar is vertical
    if azimuth_deg is None:
        theta = random.uniform(0, 2 * math.pi)
        theta = azimuth_deg * (math.pi / 180)

    if polar_deg is None:
        phi = random.uniform(0, 2 * math.pi)
        phi = azimuth_deg * (math.pi / 180)

    # convert spherical coordinates to cartesian coordinates
    x = radius * math.sin(phi) * math.cos(theta)
    y = radius * math.sin(phi) * math.sin(theta)
    z = radius * math.cos(phi)

    return (x, y, z)

However, when I use this function in the following way, it doesn’t work as expected (I guess this is only called once for the node creation):

def randomize_camera_position_on_hemisphere(camera, look_at, distance, azimut_deg, polar_deg):
    with camera:
        position = utils.get_point_on_hemisphere(radius=distance, azimuth_deg=azimut_deg, polar_deg=polar_deg)
    return camera.node

with rep.trigger.on_custom_event(event_name=rand_name):
            azimut_deg = random.uniform(0, 360)
            polar_deg = random.uniform(0, 90)

Additionally, I tried creating a custom replicator function based on the following post: How to get current frame number in Replicator - Omniverse / Developer - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it to work. Is there a new way to create custom replicator functions in Omniverse? If so, could you provide some guidance or examples?

Thank you for your help!

Take a look at the docs on registering your own randomizer.