How to deploy an IsaacSim job on Omniverse Farm Agent/Queue

I have some experience with deploying IsaacSim locally and on a docker, however, now I am trying to deploy IsaacSim jobs through Omniverse Farm (local Agent/Queue now, but eventually on a Kubernetes cluster).

So far, I have been able to setup a local Farm Agent/Queue (localhost to localhost), where I created a dummy job on Farm Agent:

Despite creating a job, I am unsure about how to execute the job. Furthermore, I now want to execute an IsaacSim job instead of a simple job that I have taken above (echo “Hello World”). How do I do that? With my research so far, I have been unable to find anything relevant connecting IsaacSim with Omniverse Farm.

I have referred to the following tutorials/documentation

Please let me know how I can execute IsaacSim jobs on an Omniverse Farm. Thanks!