How to display the boot menu?

In /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf there is a boot menu configured for 3 seconds but at the time the menu is displayed the screen is pitchblack. How can I show the boot menu? I am currently experimenting with kernel parameters and every time that goes wrong I have to flash the Xavier.


Do you mean you want to delay the 3 second to check the boot menu?

Yes, exactly. If you increase the timeout to 300 (30 sec) you see that there is no boot menu visible at the time the system is waiting.


What is your command to increase the timeout?

Increase the TIMEOUT parameter from 30 to 300 in /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf

Hi manthey,

The boot menu is always displayed in UART.
The TIMEOUT field is for user input wait time for first user input attempt.
I don’t really understand your requirement, If my answer is not enough, please describe more detail. Thanks!

What I need is to see the Boot menu. But as you mentioned it is displayed on UART my next question how to display it on the AGX Xavier AGX. I can’t find any information related to this.


So what is the exact problem you have now? If it is in UART, then just dump the serial console from your Xavier UART.
Or are you asking how to dump the log from uart?

The problem is still that I cannot see the boot menu. If the boot menu is on UART I need to know how to show it.
“just dump the serial console from your Xavier UART” Which cable, which pins?


How about sharing the log you see?

Are you using nvidia devkit?

Which log? My screen is blank at the time the menu shows and I don’t know how to display log or menu via UART.

Ok. That is totally clear now… please tell me if you are using nvidia devkit.

If you are using nvidia devkit, then connect the micro usb cable to the micro usb port on carrier board.

Then, dump the serial console on ubuntu host through serial console tool.

sudo picocom -b 115200 /dev/ttyUSB3


Under Ubuntu16 I dont see any /dev/ttyUSB* devices. On Windows 10 I get a COM9 under which I get a login screen to the Xavier when I use putty as a terminal. But no log or boot menu.


I guess you have something wrong in your setup. Here is a guidance for you to check.

And you can also take a photo how your board is connected.

As for what you see on windows, do you see anything printed prior to the prompt of login?

Ok I got a bit further. On Linux I see it as /dev/ttyACM0. I can again login but if I reboot the devkit the console disconnects and when I am back able to connect I see the login again.

Ahhh I indeed made a mistake here. The PC was connected to the USB-C connector. But not the Micro-USB. Let me check now.