How to Downgrade/Rollback DriveWorks Version on Nvidia Drive PX2

Hello everyone,

I need help in Downgrading my DriveWorks version from V1.2 to V 0.6

I have recently Flashed both Tegras on Nvidia Drive PX2 using SDK Manager downlaoded from Nvidia Website. And i currently run on Driveworks Version 1.2

I would like to have Tegra B on a lower Version of DriveWorks, Prefferably V 0.6.

How can i Downgrade a single tegra on Drive PX2 ?

Host PC config: 4.15.0-106-generic, GNU/Linux ,16.04.1-Ubuntu , x86_64
DRIVE OS SDK with Driveworks Version 1.2

Any information/ suggestion related to this would greatly help me!
Your help is much appreciated.

Thank You.

With regards,
Ravikiran Murthy

Dear @Ravikiran_Murthy,
Can we know the reason for downgrading to DW 0.6. There were lot of improvements and API changes between DW 0.0 and DW 1.2. We always recommend using latest version for better support.

You can install old version using old DriveInstaller run file(Now SDKmanager is used for flashing for latest release) and follow the flashing instructions at

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