How to enable kernel log at Orin boot

We use jp5.0.2 on Orin and Xavier. Xavier prints the startup log when it starts, but Orin does not. How can Orin print the log when it starts

hello lixing.gao,

did you meant the UART serial console to output logs?
Orin by default using ttyACM1, please enable the serial port utility with this port.

Thank you for your reply. I mean the kernel log printed on the monitor, not on the serial port

hello lixing.gao,

it’s now change to UEFI. there’s no logs populate to display monitor.

Just some added info…

As @JerryChang mentioned, there is nothing Linux can do during bootloader stages, and so if UEFI does not print something to the monitor, then there is no way around it. On the other hand, once Linux loads, it is possible to change some details of logging. You might check this article on the topic:

For early boot logs, a serial console would indeed be required. But maybe @lixing.gao just meant about linux starting console.
I also see some linux start logging from XavierNX (using an old monitor), but none with AGX Orin and a UWHD monitor (both running JP-5.0.2)… X works later, though.

I’m booting Orin from extlinux and notice Orin has these args:

mminit_loglevel=4 console=ttyTCU0,115200 console=tty0 firmware_class.path=/etc/firmware fbcon=map:0 net.ifnames=0 nv-auto-config

Is that expected to show on DP display ? (unable to check XavierNX config for now, but it is using HDMI)
What is nv-auto-config supposed to do ?

it’s an option for sdkmanager to generate pre-configuration file before flashing the device, and enabling oem-config auto configuration.
you may notice below commands when flashing a target with SDKManager.
for example, sudo ./ --storage nvme0n1p1 --nv-auto-config --username nvidia

I use jp5.0.2 on the xavier platform. There is log output on the display, and xavier uses uefi. Why is there log output on xavier, but not on orin

hello lixing.gao,

may I know what’s the logs you’ve seen,
this thread is filed for Orin series and it’s resolved, could you please file another new discussion thread for tracking.

Hello, the above picture is the kernel log when xavier starts. It is also jp5.0.2. xavier has kernel log output on the display, but orin does not


It is because framebuffer console is supported on Xavier series but not supported in Orin.

Orin’s display driver structure is different from Xavier too.

Thanks for your reply. Is there any way to make orin output kernel logs when it starts

Currently. no way. We are still trying to fix this.

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