How to extend gain range in nvarguscamerasrc to higher than 16?

I have a camera which gain range should be 1-30
Whenever I try to setthe gain values beyond the [1-16] range, there will be some error and the setting was ignored.
GST_ARGUS: NvArgusCameraSrc: Setting Gain Range : 0 30
GST_ARGUS: Invalid Gain Range Input
Is there any way to extend the gain range of nvarguscamerasrc?
By the way, the version of driver is R32.3.1 (the driver of my camera only work in this version)
I saw this questionGain range in nvarguscamerasrc limited to [1-16]
But I only can find, no nvarguscamerasrc.cpp on my device. And there seems to be no gst-nvarguscamera-src in the [L4T Driver Package (BSP) Sources] of R32.3.1
Thanks a lot.

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

You need get the source from download center and build it by yourself.

I just recompile the driver to the latest version of l4t and changed the gain limit.
Thanks a lot.

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