How to find Isaac folder mentioned in the tutorial

" Next, use the content browser to navigate to Isaac/Robots/JetBot and click and drag jetbot.usd onto the stage."
Is the content browser under the viewport? I can not find the jetbot.usd by using the broswer?

I can not find jetbot.usd.
By the way, I can not see my localhost server.(Is it the problem?)

@2703951170 yes, it would be good to set up a localhost nucleus server. that’s how you can access NVIDIA assets that were shipped with OV. Below shows two ways you can access the Jetbot assuming you have set up localhost:


You can set up localhost via the Nucleus tab of your OV Launcher.

and just in case you need it - follow the steps outlined in this post to setup your localhost if you need a step by step instruction:

Thank you for showing me such detailed solutions!

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