Location of Jetbot URD files for tutorial 2: Hello Robot

Hi All,

I’m currently learning Isaac Sim, as my ultimate goal is to develop a robot using reinforcement learning (with Isaac Gym / Orbit), and do object detection, using synthetic data.

Currently, I follow the second tutorial: Hello Robot Link to tutorial. In the video posted, you see nicely that there is a folder Robots. However, when looking in my own Nucleus folder, I see the following:
I am logged in as admin on localhost.
Do you know where I can find the Robot file, to load the right JetBot file?

Further, I’m interested in developing my skills further with Isaac Gym, and object detection using Isaac Sim, so feel free to share more resources to learn more about these topics :)

Looking forwards to your replies,



Hi @MarkH19

For the assets, this link may help


For Omniverse Isaac Gym, visit:

For Object detection using Isaac Sim, this topic may help: