Problem with Isaac Assets folder creation

Hi to all,
I have a problem to create the folder Isaac in order to load the Assets needed by UR10 robot. In particular, I cannot able to access to the user management from the Nucleous server. Following the guide, Nvidia suggest to click on the user picture in bottom left of the window (in the web application). The problem is that I cannot have visibility of that button, as depicted in the attachment. How can I solve? Thanks in advance!

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I Have the same problem

Hi, is Nucleus installed from the Omniverse Launcher? Please update to the latest version of Launcher and Nucleus.
To access the user management menu, you have to log in as an admin (this is the account you set up during install).
To create the Isaac folder, right-click the localhost icon on the left section and select New Folder.

Screenshot from 2021-09-09 10-15-09

Yes, Nucleus is installed from launcher and both versions are the last. The problem is not resolved yet :(

Are you logged in to an admin account on Nucleus? If you have forgotten the password you can reset it with the Cleanup Tool.

I logged in as admin instead of my user name on a fresh 2021.1.1-beta.9 workstation install. Everything seems to work.
The Isaac folder can be created, the sim asset package examples can be loaded and run from the top IsaacExamples menu.

I have the Omniverse Launcher set to Launch on Login.
Before I start the sim, I open a browser tab…

Server name: localhost
Username: admin
Password: admin

While I am on the page, I usually hit the Apps tab and re-start any services that are not running.
My Omniverse Launcher won’t start the sim either, so I open a terminal and enter:
/home/richard/.local/share/ov/pkg/isaac_sim-2021.1.1/ -v

My laptop has a Ryzen 5000 series chip. Ubuntu 18.04 is not an option for this new of a device. I could not find a linux kernel and Nvidia driver that would play nice together.
I am using Ubuntu 20.04 with the 5.11.0-34-generic kernel and the nvidia-driver-470
Other than the already noted heavy memory use, everything seems to run as designed!

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i hava a issue that i can not upload folder to my local Nucleus Server?

@fzg7919, The examples have to be separately downloaded to your harddrive and unzipped first.

yes, i have done it ! but the issue is i can not upload the folder , i just can upload the file .

@fzg7919 ,

The file that is downloaded is an archived .zip file.
Did you extract the contents of the .zip file into a new empty folder?
Right click on the .zip file to start the Open With Archive Manager.
There are four or five folders inside the .zip file that will be extracted.
It is these extracted folders from the .zip file that need to be uploaded to the local Nucleus Server.
The .zip file itself is not uploaded to the Nucleus Server.

yes, i have !!! i have unzip the .zip file, i have the extracted folders now!! but the key point is i can not upload the folder to Nuclues , it just allows me choose file to upload . can you understand? the issue is not taht i do not unzip , but is i can not upload the extracted folder, i just can upload file

I had to erase the suggested path in the Sim upload dialog box and manually type in the correct path that the folders were in. The sim file select dialog box does not work very well. I then could select a folder, hold the shift key and select the the next folder for all six folders. I hope that makes sense!

where is the upload dialog box ?

may you can see this; that is what i did to upload asserts to Nuleus, but as you see, i can not choose folder, i can only choose file. what i did wrong ? my system is Ubuntu20.04
thanks very much!

Double click on the localhost inside the sim
That should show the Isaac folder you created inside the sim
Right click in the Isaac folder inside the sim, that should show the upload dialog.

yes, i did that , but i still can not uoload folder , maybe you can see the vidio i have send

maybe can you show me a vidio that how you upload folder? it will really help me

i have solved it !!! just drag the folders into Nuclues! that is really funny!!

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