Isaac Sim Hello World Failed to Load


I am following the Isaac Sim Hello World tutorial, 1. Hello World — Omniverse Robotics documentation

The app runs fine for the previous tutorials, but I can’t seem to load the Hello World example. A screenshot of the console output is provided.

I am on Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS. My driver version is 470.103.01 and Cuda version is 11.4. The launcher is in the main SSD drive but I have installed Isaac Sim in another drive due to space issues. Any ideas for fixing this?

Hi, the error may not be related to the different drive. It looks like Isaac Sim could not find the assets folder on Nucleus. Do you have the latest Nucleus installed from the Launcher and have an Internet connection?
Please try checking if you can access the /NVIDIA folder in your local Nucleus.


I just downloaded a local Nucleus server and it seems the problem is resolved. I do have a lock symbol for the Nvidia folder though (read only), is this intended?
Screenshot from 2022-12-02 14-14-47
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Yes. The red lock icon means that the folder is read-only. It is located in the Cloud.