Isaac sim: Assets not loading from Nucleus, Isaac sim hangs and closes

I am trying to load “factory_franka.usd” in Isaac Sim from the nucleus server (omniverse://localhost/NVIDIA/Assests/Isaac/2022.2.0/Isaac/Robots/FactoryFranka) but the simulator hangs and not closes. Please find attached the log file for the same. Please let me know how can I solve it? “Nucleus check” from “Isaac Utils” tab passes.

kit_20230503_171753.log (1.3 MB)

Hi. Thanks for the logs. Looks like you are running Isaac Sim 2022.2.1. Can you try opening the assets from 2022.2.1 instead?
Try omniverse://localhost/NVIDIA/Assests/Isaac/2022.2.1/Isaac/Robots/FactoryFranka or any other usd from the omniverse://localhost/NVIDIA/Assests/Isaac/2022.2.1/Isaac folder.

@Sheikh_Dawood : thank you for your quick response. Still the simulator is hanging with omniverse://localhost/NVIDIA/Assests/Isaac/2022.2.1/Isaac/Robots/FactoryFranka folder. Here are the logs
kit_20230503_181514.log (1.3 MB)

@Sheikh_Dawood : Sorry for bothering you again. So, I have copied the “omniverse://localhost/NVIDIA/Assests/Isaac/2022.2.1” folder to “omniverse://localhost/Library/project/2022.2.1” folder. Now, also it is throwing errors and assets are not loading. Please find the log file:
kit_20230503_182747.log (1.4 MB)

This could be a problem with your Nucleus installation or connection to our S3 bucket.
Can you try running Isaac Sim with this flag:


Then try any samples or demos. It should load the assets directly from the Cloud instead of your local Nucleus.

Another thing to try is to download the assets from the /NIVIDA folder in your Nucleus to another local Nucleus user folder then load from that that location.