Nucleus Login problem


I have created a local nucleus service, but I can not login. I have deleted and created the “local Nucleus Service” several times already, still fails… Any hint of the problem? Thx

Screenshot from 2024-06-06 23-41-02

Hi, can you access http://localhost:34080 with the credentials set during the installation of Nucleus?

If it still does not work, try reinstalling the Omniverse Launcher using the Cleanup Tool.

Same problem in 34080
What is the name Server Name? Is it the one I have created?
I only have one computer, if I created the “Local Nucleus Service”, do I still need to “Connect to a server”? I am a little confused.

I didn’t see the problem during the installation though. And I have other things in my Linux machine including Isaac Gym, will the cleanup tool affect the gym?


The server name should be “localhost” by default.
Take a look at this guide for Launcher and Nucleus installation.

Yes, you will still need to connect to “localhost” with your credentials set during Nucleus installation for the first time.

The Cleanup Tool should not affect Isaac Gym. It will only uninstall apps from the Launcher.


And what is the Username? Is it the serve name I have created? Or my account name? I have tried both…


The username is the admin username that was set when first installing Nucleus.


I use my Window to install Omniverse too. Same problem…
May I know the proper way to create and connect the server?

When I add a Jetbot to the SIM, there is an error, is it related to Nucleus?
I follow this link, Training Your NVIDIA JetBot to Avoid Collisions Using NVIDIA Isaac Sim | NVIDIA Technical Blog



The the login/password is the default admin/admin
Not the one I set, it is strange.
I found the answer in here, Cant Log in to connect local host - Apps / USD Composer - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Anyway, it works. Thx