How to generate image data for a collection of 3d models in Omniverse Kaolin

Hi there,

I am trying to use data generator from Omniverse Kaolin to render a bunch of images for my 3d dataset. However I noticed that all the tutorials show how to import one object(or one scene as .usd) and then one can render the image data with variable number, lighting, material, camera parameters. But how can I do this automatically for a set of 3d models instead of only one model/scene? I would really appreciate if someone can help me.


Hi @rozentill ! Thank you for your interest in Kaolin!

It’s very simple, instead of selecting the usd file, you can just select the folder containing the dataset.
In the tutorial, it would be like clicking on “assets” folder at 00:15 then click on the “Open” button on bottom right.

The extension will look for all the usd files in the subfolders.

Thanks, this works!

Hi I met another problem, when I do so, the last six usd scenes will overlap without clearing the scene during generating data. For example, I rendered images successfully for 94 individual data, but begin from No.95 data, the next data will be put on top of the current scene, so I have 2 objects in No.96’s rendered images, and 3 objects in No.97’s rendered images instead of only the object defined in the individual scene. Is this a bug?

Hello @rozentill ,
I will bring your inquiry to the attention of the developer’s for review.
Thank you for your patience.

@rozentill This does seem like a bug. Thank you for reporting! Would you be able to share the log where you encountered the bug?

We will attempt to track it down. Thanks again!