Creating a voxelgrid (with Kaolin?) and rendering the USD in Omniverse

My understanding after watching some Kaolin Videos is that with the library is possible to create a voxel grid representation (native in USD?) and render it in Omniverse. Is that right?
See link about voxel downsampling in kaolin:kaolin.ops.voxelgrid — Kaolin documentation

I curretly have a voxelgrid comming from open3d (based in numpy) and can transform it to a tensor (which is what I understand would work for Kaolin). But I can’t find in the documentation how to keep going.
See documentation of voxels for open3d: Voxelization — Open3D 0.15.1 documentation
Is possible to achieve what I want or Kaolin is not intended for this? Any other idea on how create the voxel in USD?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @javi_sc. I’m checking with the developers.

Hi @javi_sc , please have a look at — Kaolin documentation to generate USD files, you can then simply open them in Omniverse

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