How to get CUDA samples with out x86_64 Nvidia GPU

I do not have a desktop or laptop with an Nvidia GPU.
With JetPack, it expects to install the x86_64 CUDA and then provide the CUDA samples.
Obviously, JetPack errors when it finds my laptop does not have an Nvidia GPU.
How do I get the CUDA samples to see if CUDA is even correctly installed?

Thank you.

I found them when I downloaded the Fedora CUDA, and used rpm2cpio *.rpm | cpio -idmv.

You may find these on TX1 in /usr/local/cuda/samples.

ls /usr/local/cuda/samples/
0_Simple  1_Utilities  2_Graphics  3_Imaging  4_Finance  5_Simulations  6_Advanced  7_CUDALibraries  common  EULA.txt  Makefile