How to install BSP Packages on jetpack 4.6.2 for deepstream installation?

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i am usng Jetson AGX Axavier

i have jetcpack 4.6.2 Revision 7.2

i followed offficial doc for deep stream installation but i stuck in NVIDIA BSP Packages
i moved to jetpack archive and found my jetpack version and opened this L4T 32.7.2 for BSP packages now kindly tell me which portion should i have to install from this page because there are multiple ooptions.

and kindly tell me how to check if i have already installed BSP package on jetson AGX axavier.

because i have folder with L4T name on my desktop of jetson agx axavier .

If you have Jetpack4.6.2 on you Xavier, you do not need to install BSP anymore.
Jetpack is a collection of modules, including BSP (L4T) and some compute stacks and applications, the corresponding DeepStream version is 6.0.1.
You can follow the guide Quickstart Guide — DeepStream 6.0.1 Release documentation ( to install DeepStram 6.0.1 on your AGX Xavier.
You can also use SDKManager to install deepstream, here is a guide, the target device is not Xavier but the installation steps are similiar: Installing Jetpack 4.6 | NVIDIA SDK Manager | RidgeRun Developer

Thank yo @yingliu foryou kind and welcome reply.

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