How to install TeamViewer for Raspberry Pi Armhf on Tx1

I followed a TK1 user’s instruction (demotomohiro) to install turboVNC and virtualGL on the TX1. I succeeded in running CUDA samples and they run quite well. However, I would like to have RVIZ running remotely, and

  1. turboVNC + virtualGL: RVIZ fails to launch completely
  2. virtualGL: RVIZ is super slow at 1 frame update every 4~5 seconds.
    I would like to know if I can get Teamviewer for Raspberry Pi working on the TX1 because this would enable me to access my TX1 remotely from even my phone or ipad. I do not know much about cross compiling and I would like some hints as to where to get started.

The JTX1 runs armhf only in the R23.x releases (32-bit), or optionally there is a 32-bit sample rootfs with R24.1 (but also a 64-bit sample rootfs is available on R24.1…it just won’t run armhf). If you run any 64-bit then armhf no longer applies unless you’ve installed a 32-bit compatibility linker and library support (this is not trivial…I suggest finding the 64-bit aarch64/arm64 VNC software instead…even if you have to compile from source this would be far better for many reasons).

I am running the R23 release which is why I am asking this question.I already installed it without any compiling errors, but it just doesnt work when I launch the program. I suspect I need to change something, but I dont know what to change.

I do not have experience with that software, but this should be no different on a Jetson versus any other Ubuntu system (finding the right package would be different, but it sounds like you have that already done). I would have to guess that something in logs (e.g., dmesg or other logs in “/var/log/”, maybe “/var/log/secure”) offers some clue. It could be something as simple as security rules for the VNC or one of the Linux machines involved.

I installed ROS and RVIZ on my machine and it works using VirtualGL and TurboVNC.
I don’t know how to use it and don’t have test data for it but at least I can see a grid and I can rotate it at about 15FPS.

I’m using Nvidia Shield Android TV with 64-bit Linux For Tegra R24.2.
I installed ROS using the script from
I’m using VirtualGL and TurboVNC from

How about to upgrade to L4T R24.2 or R24.2.1?
Or building libjpeg-turbo, VirtualGL and TurboVNC from lastest source code might work.