How to install TensorRT standalone on Nvidia AGX


I have initialized my AGX system with JETPACK 4.6 and then I realized that NOTHING is supported on 4.6. That’s a real shame on your end to provide unsupported versions as default. When ever someone asked something about a problem you replied with “what is your jetpack version.” and then " is not supported on jetpack 4.6"

Now I am stuck on installing supported versions and keeping their compatibility. I have uninstalled TensorRT and CuDNN libraries. I cannot install TensorRT from deb or TAR files because you do not provide them for AGX (arm64) architecture. Or I haven’t found it yet.

I had to UPGRADE my OpenCV >4.4.0 to use opencv libs for dnns and that’s why I do not want to start from scratch installing earlier jetpacks.

Please provide me with a method to install TensorRT on my AGX device. (And please do not provide me an ftp site, I cannot reach them.)


The version which works with your flash would be available from the JetPack/SDK Manager flash tool. You would simply uncheck the “flash” part, and uncheck any install to host PC, and check to install the desired software. The Jetson would need to be fully booted and not in recovery mode.

Note that the origin of this is that the GPU on most PCs and other hardware is accessed over the PCI bus. On Jetsons the GPU is tied directly to the memory controller, and so none of the mainstream content will work. There is a strong dependency involved and the JetPack/SDK Manager version always works with that version of the installed software. If you need a newer JetPack/SDKM to match an older release, then you could start it on the host PC via:
sdkmanager --archivedversions

No I see but the problem is that I cannot flash anything other than the OS itself via host computer because of the nasty Ping check over my proxy on Jetson SDK Components. You can see that it “is going to be fixed on the next release” SDK Manager "Internet connection check failure"

It becomes more than a nuisance to work thru all these issues and the inability to use whatever version required for full compatibility of any application I could potentially need. I should be able to install TensorRT on the AGX itself without sudo apt install nvidia-jetpack. (Or with it for that matter but with an option like --install-such-and-such-packages)

EDIT: SDK Manager is updated, linked ping error is gone thankfully. I had to install JetPack 4.5.1 from scratch. One workday is wasted on this unfortunately.

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