SDK Manager "Internet connection check failure"


I am using a linux machine to install jetpack 4.6 and SDK components on Nvidia AGX. I have to use a proxy for my internet connection and that is the root of my problem.

I have set the proxy for SDK manager. I have successfully flashed AGX device with the operating system. I have created my user profile on AGX device and logged into it. I have setup proxy settings for both the host and AGX devices correctly so that I can run apt commands and they work. I have also installed some custom CA-certificates for internet connection ran dpkg-reconfigure and all. I can ping from host device and from AGX device.

The problem occurs when the SDK manager moves on to installing SDK Components. It does three things:
Check Disk Space
Check Internet Connection
Check Access to APT repository

It checks out on Disk and APT steps but it fails on Check Internet Connection step outputing an error message saying: “Internet connection.: Internet connection check failure (ping -c 3”

Ping doesn’t work with proxy and my company won’t let any connection without proxy.

What can I do?


Ok few things: I was able to install remaining packs from jetpack via sudo apt install nvidia-jetpack

To do that I added Acquire::AllowInsecureRepositories “True”; line to etc/apt/apt.conf
And also I had to change Acquire::https::proxy “https://…” to “http://…” which was automatically set as https when I entered proxy to system network settings and applied system wide.

This still didn’t solve SDK Manager not being able to ping on a proxied network and thus failing on installation process. So be advised for the next version please.


The proxy issue will be fixed in our upcoming release, it can support target internet connect precheck with proxy settings.

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