How to interface IMX477 (ardu cam) with jetson xavier nx prod module


My aim is to interface with the arducam (imx 477) with my jetson xavier nx (p3668-0001) production module( with 16 GB emmc) with the custom carrier board (similar to p3509-0000).

the emmc is booted with following
Jetson linux : R35 , jetpack : 5.1.2-b104
ubuntu : 20.04.6 LTS
Currently i have connected the the camera in the slot and the connections are correct (verified with the schematic).

I found that we need to install kernel debian packages according opt A in this site We need to install some .deb packeges. But in the post when we follow this link to download kernel debian packages i see that it has the packages only for jetson xavier nx with jetpack < =4.5 . Since i am in the jetpack 5.1.2 i need the corresponding packages. (jetpack 5.1.2 is preffered hence did not try to lower the jetpack version, need to work with 5.1.2 version only).

So can anyone help with the relevant kernel .deb packages so that i can download the same and follow the rest of the steps in this site . Would be a great help.

Xavier NX support Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera imx477 by default.
please contact with sensor vendor for further supports.

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