How to make Jetson Nano's GPIO run at 1.8v level instead of default 3.3v?

As title, thanks.

cannot undo accept as as answer (clicked but no effect)

As you can see in pinmux sheet, the power supply of each pin is fixed, so please just follow the default setting.

The pinmux xlsm of jetson nano already released? could you tell me the url? Thanks.

Not yet, please wait for the release in future.

Ok, got it, thank you Trumany.

Update for more clearly: The voltage level is fixed to 3.3V so that it can be compatible with existing modules/daughter cards (HATs). It cannot be changed via pinmux.

disappointed, i think set 3.3v as default to make jetson nano compatible with existing HATs is not conflict with let user can customize the GPIO’s logical level for flexible.