How to match BCM54610C1 four LEDs with TX2 Ethernet pin?

Hi Sir,

We have a question for TX2 module’s LAN LED function, and after reading the spec “NVIDIA_JetsonTX2_Series_OEM_Product_Design_Guide.pdf” we know that the TX2 integrate a BCM54610C1IMLG Ethernet PHY.
Actually our company had used BCM54610C1 before and review it’s spec already. From BCM54610C1 it has 4 PIN Name for LED(LED1,LED2,LED3, and LED4).

So the question is how the four pins can match with TX2 Ethernet PIN?
For example, BCM54610 LED3 match with TX2 E47

Please feel free to let me know how to match with BCM54610C1 four LEDs. Thanks.

Hi, as below:

LED1: E47 to 45
LED2: F50 to 44 (pull down to ground in module)
LED3: F46 to 43 (pull down to ground in module)
LED4: Not routed out (pull up to 1.8V in module)

Hi Trumany,

Thanks for your support.

Hi aesinfo,

Please note that there are two modes in BCM phy driver: LOM-LED mode and normal mode.

If you want to use the LED status as normal mode, you need to firstly disable LOM-LED mode.