Ethernet RJ45 LED display not correctly, between different TX2 modules with same software and same c...

Dear Sir,

We find some problems different TX2 module, using the same software such as JetPack3.3 and the same carrier board (NVIDIA EVB), but the LED of RJ45 display different, some TX2 modules display two leds(green and orange), but some TX2 modules dispaly only green led, and the orage led doesn’t light on.

Can you give us some explain about this problems?

Thanks so much.

Hi dennis,

Normally, these LED states will be different due to ethernet environment(activity/link speed).

I don’t think such issue would happen to different modules. If you put different TX2 to same test environment, it should all have same behavior.

What bothers me is that actually we don’t have correct programming for Ethernet phy on TX2 and there should not be green+orange case if you are using devkit…

Are you using pure BSP from Jetpack3.3?

Dear WayneWWW,

I attached the video of the device display from our customers, here you can see the rj45 led is different on the same carrier board.

WeChat_20190306134746.rar (2.5 MB)
WeChat_20190306134731.rar (2.75 MB)
WeChat_20190306134755.rar (2.39 MB)

Hi Dennis,

I expected this issue happens when ethernet cable connected.

However, all these three videos have no cable connected, so this behavior is not due to the status of link speed/activity.

Thus, I don’t think the problem in your case is controlled by the driver of PHY…
Is it possible there are some pins being trigger during boot up?

Could you share how is your hardware design? Did you modify device tree?

BTW, if you want to know which driver is responsible for LED behavior in normal usecase.

broadcom.c (kernel/kernel-4.4/drivers/net/phy).

Dear WayneWWW,

I will explain to our customers, thanks so much.