How to modify white balance color temperature by using the gstreamer-plugin which name is "nvarguscamerasrc"?

I want to be able to customize the color temperature of the white balance,I noticed that the NvargusCamerasrc plugin has manual mode,but I don’t know how to use it to customize the color temperature such as 2000K/5000K/8000K.
Is there an example for manual mode using?

hello blstcvLiu,

you’ll also need to call this function, Argus::IAutoControlSettings::setWbGains to set the manual white balance gains.
please also refer to Argus sample, argus/public/samples/userAutoWhiteBalance, it demonstrate how to use AWB manual mode.

Thank you for your answer.Do you know how the white balance gains corresponds to the color temperature?
For example, if I want to set the color temperature to 3000K, what should the gain’s value be?

hello blstcvLiu,

it’s white balance gains controls, they’re R, GR, GB, B gains in numerical order.
for example, here’s AWB gain for D65; AWB Gain: 1.470, 1.000, 1.000, 1.643

it’s not a single set parameters to configure AWB, there’re lots of tuning parameters, curves related to white balance.
you may have a try to controls those gains to make image warmer or cooler. please contact with your sensor vendor for the further AWB tuning questions,

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