Jetson multimedia api / argus_camera related inquiries

Hello All ,

Execute argus_camera to adjust the video quality, I have questions.

  1. When setting manual in AWB mode, what can be set manually?

  2. How do I adjust the color (contrast, gamma, hue, saturation)?

  3. How do I adjust the gain value for each color of R/G/B?

hello jpchae,

it’s WB gains for each bayer channels. suggest you should also review Argus samples for manual AWB settings,
for example, Argus/public/samples/userAutoWhiteBalance .

those settings you’ve mentioned in (2) and (3) cannot achieve by application level, (i.e. argus_camera)
you’ll need ISP override files to tune the configurations. however, we don’t provide tuning supports via forum discussion thread,
you may contact with your sensor vendor for ISP tuning solutions.