how to power tx1 on my UAV

I want to power my TX1 board on my UAV and my UAV can just offer 18V.
Then I want to distribution panel to change 18V to 12V and 5V to power TX1 and other device.
But the interface and pin that I am not very familiar with , did anyone finish it or can give some suggestion?
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18V is acceptable to TX1. Did you check the OEM design guide and carrier board specification in download center?

I have checked the the OEM design guide and I wonder if I can transform UAV power to TX1 through DC battery socket.
In addition,my UAV should supply other device after voltage converter and it can only supply 12v for TX1.
Will the TX1 lose some working performance?
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12V is also ok to TX1. The power range of TX1 module is about 6.5W ~ 15W, you can estimate the needed UAV output capability base on that.