How to publish camera's topic data called "depth_pcl"

When I learnt the tutorial of ROS Bridge in Standalone Workflow 12. ROS Bridge in Standalone Workflow — Omniverse Robotics documentation (, I found the provided the way to publish “Camera Info”, “RGB image”, and “Depth image”. But I want to know how to publish the “depth_pcl”. I can’t found the similar parameters like “” and “”. I hope anyone could help me please.

Meanwhile, I found that if I don’t add the code like

>                 rv = omni.syntheticdata.SyntheticData.convert_sensor_type_to_rendervar(
>                 rgb_camera_gate_path = omni.syntheticdata.SyntheticData._get_node_path(
>                     rv + "IsaacSimulationGate", viewport.get_render_product_path()
>                 )

the standalone python could still work well and publish the topic. Whether this block of code is necessary? And how could I publish the depth_pcl here. Hope for your help.

Hi @jsntyanchi - Someone from our team will review and provide answer to your question.

Thank you for your help!

Hi @jsntyanchi , if you look at the exts/omni.isaac.ros2_bridge/python/nodes/ file you will be able to find the depth_pcl sensor type details:

rv = omni.syntheticdata.SyntheticData.convert_sensor_type_to_rendervar(

The simulation gate is for controlling the rate of publishing and is optional. Hope that helps!