How to remove the yellow shape of the lamp

Hi @xiaohualiao0319 !

It took me a while, but with some detective work I think I found that you are talking about Omniverse Create, correct?

Since I do not know how to change the appearance of the light actor in OV Create, I refer you to the correct sub-category, if that’s ok.


Hello @xiaohualiao0319! Could you give me a few more details on what light sources you are using and what you are trying to do?

Here is a link to our documentation which may have the answer to your questions: Lights — Omniverse Create documentation

I think Shift L is what you want. It hides all the light images.

Shift G toggles showing the grid.

Hi xiaohualiao0319:
In current create v2022.2 Beta, there are 2 locations to adjust and turn on and off.

  1. Upper left corner, click on icon(next to light bulb) will show drop menu “Gizmos” you can adjust size and color.
    that drop menu is very important, Navigation and Viewport adjustment.
  2. At same upper menu bar, the “eye” icon also has menu to turn off lights, axis and grid.
    It is important to turn them on when you have many lights in your scene for future editing.
    Hope this helps :):)

Thank you very much for solving my problem successfully with your method.

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Thank you, your method successfully solved my problem.

Thank you very much. This problem has been solved.

Thank you and problem has been solved.