How to save files so others can use it?


I was wondering how should I save my Isaac Sim setup so that someone else can access the saved file on their own computer.

Right now if I do “Save As”, it’ll save the the environment as a USD, but all of the imported URDFs are references. If I save the URDF bodies by doing “Save Selected” and load them in the overall USD by updating the relative paths, it will let me load those bodies in the overall setup but get rid of the textures/materials that I applied to the URDF.

If I do “Save Flattened As…” it will result in just one file, which is hard for other people to work on parts of the setup at the same time.

How should I save my Isaac Sim setup so that it’s easy for other people to work on parts of it at the same time? How can I make textures/materials show on the saved USD from a URDF?

Thanks! i am just another OV user but mostly with Composer. that said, there’re two extensions that you could take a look at:

if you are transporting the assets around outside of a nucleus server, i would see if you can collect asset with URDFs and then inovke the USD paths extension to repath all asset references upon receiving. or if you can skip the collect asset altogether and when you hand the USD file to other users, ask them to use USD paths to repath on their end.

and this may be for the mods/devs to provide additional insight since i haven’t tried doing a livelink session using Isaac Sim where multiple users are in the same session concurrently. my limited use with livelink is mostly with other DCC packages.

@Simplychenable Thanks for your reply, it was very helpful! I’ll try using the Collect Asset functionality.