How to setup a VNC server with 1080p resolution


I believe this has bee asked multiple times, but i am having problem with the vnc resolution not being at 1080p (hard to do stuff at 480p resolution)

I have followed this guide but this breaks something, upon editing xorg.conf and rebooting. The is now displaying blank, i believe it went into headless mode because SSH still works with the nano.

I have to reflash the SD card again so i can have my display back.

Can anybody help me setup so that VNC uses 1080p resolution.

Things to note:
-The display im using is a 1080p display over hdmi, but for some reason the jetson nano is not displaying at 1080p
-I am using the inbuilt vnc server (vino) following the setup guide here
-Im using the latest ubuntu 18.04 with 4.9.337-tegra kernel

You may try this method:
Jetson AGX Orin FAQ

Q: How to configure VNC w/o monitor connected for Jetson?

It did not work, im having the same problem as before. Also the guide mentions that i cannot use the display anymore… I still need to use the display, im not going to operate on the nano on a headless state. My uses case has some GUI stuff.

Im reflashing the SD card again…

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